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5/5 Stars (62 reviews)

Facebook Reviews

5/5 Stars (60 reviews)

Thumbtack Reviews

5/5 Stars (25 reviews)

"The BEST!  So entertaining"

Roger S.

Everyone freaking loved him!

Ryan R.

"hands down one of the best performances I have ever been to"

Blake D.

"we haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!"

Shannon R.

“it was the best day ever”

Clint D.

"He's so good, both for kids and adults"

Steve P.

"We smiled for an hour"

Jessica D.

"the best entertainment not just for little kids but for the grown ups too! Seriously!"

Olesya R.

"blew the minds of us adults!"

Jim H.

"We are still talking about the magic and it’s been over a month since our show!"

Hillary C.

"His show was so hilarious, at least one person peed their pants"

Nanette D.

"He had us laughing one minute and scratching our heads...the next"

Craig D.

"PERFECT for our neighborhood family party"

Kamille T.

"He was drop dead funny"

Tara H.

"Scott was clever, talented, professional, charismatic, hilarious, and fun!"

Amanda J.

"every single face wore a smile. :)"

Heather C.

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