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Scott Chamberlain

Magician | Mentalist | Entertainer

Scott Chamberlain Family

Scott Chamberlain is an award winning magician and former President of the Orem Chapter of the Society of American Magicians.

He lives in Eagle Mountain, Utah and loves performing for ALL ages. His overall style has a very lighthearted feel and works for both younger and older audiences.

Magic has been in his family for a few generations. His Grandfather, Ralph Adams, was a very well-known magician who performed in Vegas and on TV back in his day and inspires Scott to do what he does.

Scott also runs the Utah School of Magic, an afterschool and summer camp program for kids that uses the fun of magic to build character, confidence, & communication skills for life.  In 2021, the Utah School of Magic was awarded the Discover Magic Golden Wand of Excellence Award for its unprecedented work through the Pandemic and again was awarded the Discover Magic Golden Key of Excellence Award by the world famous magician, Michael Ammar in 2023 at a special event for magicians in Orlando, Florida.

Performing since 2014, Scott loves creating FUN memories and giving back to the community where he lives.

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